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Why We Prefer Buying Gold Online

As mentioned above, we prefer buying gold from online sources as opposed to locally. Our main reasons are price, convenience, and selection.

When you shop online, you typically will pay $20+ less per ounce than when you shop locally. Local coin shops have significant overhead and limited reach, forcing them to charge large premiums. This is opposed to online companies with low overhead and large reach, allowing them to offer terrific prices.

The ease of shopping online cannot be beaten - you can complete an entire purchase from your couch, and await delivery to your door. And product selection online is far more vast than what you will find locally. Should you prefer to shop locally, view our state by state listings of local dealers by clicking your state below.

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Top Citys For Buying & Selling Gold

Should you live in a major city or even a large town, you likely have numerous options for buying physical gold without traveling far. We have listed the best gold dealers in the top 50 cities by population, including the largest cities in the USA, listed below. Click any of the below listings to find 3-4 major gold dealers, as well as their contact information and details about their physical location.

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Why Buy Gold?

There are many reasons you’ve decided to buy gold. Privacy. Safety. Beauty. Portability. And if you’ve been reading the financial news, you know that gold is an excellent investment in times of financial instability.

Even if most of your portfolio is devoted to other investments, you should own some gold. A wise investment strategy requires a diversified portfolio. A properly diversified portfolio includes precious metals—even if all your other holdings have become worthless, your gold retains value.

You know why to include gold in your investments. Now questions are racing through your mind. How do I invest in gold? What type of gold should I buy? Is it safe to buy gold online? Are bars worth as much as coins? And most importantly, where can I buy gold?

This is normal. Buying gold can seem intimidating. Enter WheretoBuyGold.com. Gold isn’t intimidating anymore. We’ve compiled everything you need to know to get started. Get ready to learn.

Where To Buy

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    There are numerous ways to gain exposure to the price of gold, including paper methods like ETFs, futures contracts, and gold trusts, as well as physical method like gold bullion, numismatics, and jewelry. We discuss many methods in this article, and compare the advantages and disadvantages of each.

  • What Gold to Buy ultimate-what

    If you have decided to purchase actual physical gold, your next step is to determine what form of gold you would like to hold. This article will discuss bullion (bars, rounds, and non-collectible coins), numismatic coins (any coins with collectible value), and gold jewelry.

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    Given that the price of gold moves by the second when the markets are open, your potential gains and losses can be magnified depending on at which price point you enter the market. This article will explain why it is difficult to time the market, and why dollar cost averaging [...]

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    Once you have decided to buy gold, your next step is to find a reliable, trustworthy precious metals retailer. There are thousands of retailers out there, both locally and online, so it can be difficult and even overwhelming to figure out who should earn your business. Read this article to [...]

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    If you are new to gold investing, you may be wondering “why would I want to purchase and hold physical gold?” If so, this article is for you. We will explain the reasons one might purchase gold as an investment, as well as why we believe that actual physical gold [...]

How to Buy Gold Bullion

Gold comes in many forms, and the form of gold you buy impacts your risk, the price you pay, and the returns you can expect. Bullion is simply gold that is at least 99.5% pure. Your bullion investment derives its value from its metal content, so it’s the most direct, most potent gold investment for your money.

Buying Gold Safely

The only real danger when buying gold is fraud. If you don’t buy your gold from a trustworthy source, you risk purchasing something other than the gold that you paid for. Here you’ll find tips to ensure that you’re buying gold with as little risk as possible, and actually getting the gold that you’ve paid for. You’ll also learn about common scams to avoid.

Buying Gold Cheaply

You might think that because gold is a commodity, the price of gold is consistent. Nothing could be further from the truth. The form of gold you buy has a huge impact on the price you pay. Furthermore, some companies charge far more than others, preying on uneducated investors. This page will teach you how to get the most for your money.

Gold at Spot Price

The spot price is the current price that you can expect to pay for a commodity, when you physically receive the commodity. The spot price is set by the market; it’s the intersection of what others are willing to pay, and what others are willing to sell for. Obviously, if you’re buying gold for the gold content, you want to buy it for as close to spot price as possible. Here you’ll find out how.

Gold Bars

When you imagine gold, you probably think of gold bars. This makes sense, since pop culture equates gold with gold bars. In movies, the treasure is always gold bars. There’s a reason for this. Bars are arguably the best way to take a large position in gold. Read on to discover whether gold bars are for you, the different types of bars, and the best ways to include them in your portfolio.

Gold Rounds

Gold rounds are like bars in that they’re gold bullion, but they share similarities with coins. Essentially, gold rounds are gold coins that are not legal tender. They range from generic circular pieces of gold to intricate commemoratives. Rounds are a great option for taking a smaller position. We’ve compiled everything you need to know in order to add rounds to your investments.

Gold Coins

Gold coins are not necessarily gold bullion. Their defining feature is that they are or were legal tender. Gold coins have value besides their metal content. They’re rare. They have history. Collectors and investors all over the world salivate at the sight of a rare coin. All of this means that they trade at many times the value of their metal content alone. It also means that you need to inform yourself about the market before plunging in. We’ve made that easy for you.

Buying Gold Online

Online dealers almost always offer you the best prices. Buying gold online is easy, but you still need to do your research. Fortunately, we’ve done it for you. How do you find a good online dealer? The answer is here. How do you ensure that a dealer is reputable? The answer is here. How do you safely receive your order? The answer is here. Which dealers are the best? We have information, experiences, and reviews available for many online dealers.

Buying Gold Locally

You don’t need to go through internet companies to buy gold, though they have many advantages. There are gold retailers all over the United States. Here we’ve provided you with listings for every state. We’ve also provided you with tips on how to effectively buy gold offline.


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